Today is particularly cold outside, although no complains, this winter in minnesota is not quite there yet. We have a mild winter this year and no snow ( we probabaly got all the snow last year) which is great.
So to make my stay inside the apartment productive, I manage to clean most of my clutter in the living room and cooked something easy and yummy. My ever favorite Tuna Pasta.
Here's how :
1 can tuna in oil
1 stalk of celery * chopped
1 cup baby spinach
1cup chopped tomatoes
1 cup of veggie wacky pasta then boil to tender
garlic, salt, onion, basil, oregano to your taste.

heat the pan and put the tuna with oil then add the garlic and onion put a little bit of salt ( rem. canned tuna is already salty) when everything is already sauteed add the celery the add all the remaing ingredients and after 3 minutes turned off the fire. Boila easy breezy tuna pasta. Enjoy!


    I was born and raised in the Philippines. Cooking is my passion and learning how to cook new style and mixing spices from different cultures around the world is what makes me busy... aside of course running the Sayo foodtruck. Come and enjoy my food journey.  See you around! Cheers!


    February 2012


    Tuna Pasta